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Maintenance Contracts

Deva Medical has been providing preventative maintenance contracts to the medical industry for over 35 years. Nearly all medical equipment can benefit from routine service and repairs, and in most cases this has been proven to help extend the lifespan and reliability during use.

We provide contracts to NHS Trusts, private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food and drink suppliers, and the military.

With our experience and knowledge of what customers require, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

 Laboratory Contract types

As standard we offer five contract types:

Contract type Service per annum Fault calls included Spare parts included
Type A* 2 Yes Yes
Type B 2 Yes No
Type B1 1 Yes No
Type C 2 No No
Type D 1 No No


*Equipment restrictions in place for this contract type

In addition to these five, we offer bespoke contracts that fit your personal requirements and needs. If you’re requiring some ad-hoc work, we also offer one-off services and fault calls. Get in touch with our contract team on 01928 567 571 today to discuss.

 Account Management

Once you’ve taken up a contract with Deva Medical you will be provided with a welcome pack which will detail your account manager, and will also contain the contract information, asset list, and agreements.

Your assigned account manager will stay with you for the duration of the contract, and it is their job to assist with any query you might have (no matter how small), from invoices to services, pricing queries to general feedback. They will also carry out quarterly reviews to keep you updated on developments within Deva Medical, and provide updates with how your contract is coming along.

Equipment covered

We can provide preventative service contract on various equipment including:

Blood bank fridges
FFP freezers
Plasma thawers
Pharmacy fridges
Cold rooms
Sample/reagent fridges
ULT freezers
Water baths
Walk-in/pass-through fridges.

Under warranty equipment

Although all new equipment comes with manufacturer warranty, it is advisable to make sure the equipment is serviced and calibrated every 12 months. All of the products we sell come with optional warranty contracts, and we can also provide this service to products bought from other suppliers.

For any quoting requests or contract queries, contact us on 01928 567 571 or email