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Calibration & Mapping

Deva Medical provides UKAS accredited ISO 17025:2017 temperature calibration and mapping services throughout the UK.  Click here to view our latest UKAS Schedule of Accreditation

We can provide temperature calibration over the range -90 °C to 100°C and temperature mapping over the range -90 °C to 40°C, which gives us excellent coverage of the equipment used by our customers within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, research and storage fields.Additionally, we can also provide calibration of rotational speed and time for centrifuges up to 100,00RPM.

Several ‘off the shelf’ solutions are available for temperature mapping but custom solutions are also available on request, with sampling intervals up to 5 minutes and mapping periods of up to 7 days.

For prospective customers, sample mapping reports are available to help with your decision-making process, and we always have someone available in person to discuss your particular requirements.

We employ dedicated Mapping Technicians who will attend your site at a time and date that is mutually agreed in advance who, as a unique feature, will also provide a hard-copy ‘short mapping report’ at the end of the mapping exercise to show you the results of a mapping before they leave your site.  A more detailed report, together with a certificate and detailed tabular data, will follow from our office – normally electronically, but which is also available in hard-copy format.

As well as fixed installation equipment such as cold-chain devices and coldrooms, we can also carry out temperature mapping and calibration on equipment such as plasma thawers, portable refrigerators, heat blocks and cool boxes.

For any quoting requests or contract queries, contact us on 01928 567 571 or email